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4-Lamps - 2 Left - 2 Right
65° Below Horizontal


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Light Guide

5.... General construction area lighting
3.... General construction areas, concrete placement, excavation and waste areas, access ways, active storage areas, loading platforms, refueling, and field maintenance areas.
5.... Indoors: warehouses, corridors, hallways, and exitways.
5.... Tunnels, shafts, and general underground work areas: (Exception: Minimum of 10 foot-candles is required at tunnel and shaft heading during drilling, mucking, and scaling. Bureau of Mines approved cap lights shall be acceptable for use in the tunnel heading)
10.... General construction plant and shops (e.g., batch plants, screening plants, machanical and electrical equipment rooms, carpenter shops, rigging lofts and active store rooms, mess halls, and indoor toilets and workrooms.)
30.... First aid stations, infirmaries, and offices.";